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Och, dziś znowu coś się na pewno wydarzy, czuję to w powietrzu. Nadszedł wieczór, leżę więc na swoim posłanku i czekam na to, co nieuniknione. I rzeczywiście, słychać dzwonek do drzwi! Biegnę z tradycyjnym jazgotem w dół korytarza. Państwo otwierają. Zza ich nóg widzę gromadkę straszydeł. Uff, to na szczęście tylko przebrane dzieci – czuję ich woń spod kapturów, masek i prześcieradeł. Ale chwileczkę… Jeden z przebierańców pachnie inaczej… – Cukierek albo psikus! – krzyczą mali goście. Przeciskam się do przodu. Ten, który wydziela smród piekielnej czeluści, stoi trochę z boku. Patrzymy na siebie – spoglądam na dziury jego oczu i czuję podnoszącą się na grzbiecie sierść. Nie boję się – wprawdzie Otchłań we mnie spogląda, lecz jeszcze nie widziałam Otchłani, która umie warczeć albo szczekać. Więc rzucam się na oślep w jej kierunku strona dobrego kolegi szamba betonowe

The Common Ills
Barack re-writes rules of war
Barack re-writes rules of war NINA notes that already today Nouri's bombing of Falluja -- his continued bombing -- has killed 3 civilians and left twelve more injured. Karen DeYoung (Washington Post) reports: Amid conflicting congressional demands, impatient Arab allies, and public concern that he will do too much or too little, President Obama made bluntly clear Thursday why he has not yet implemented a comprehensive U.S. response to the Islamist insurgency that is rapidly spreading across the Middle East. “We don’t have a strategy yet,” Obama said, in response to questions about when he is prepared to begin military action in Syria, and, if not, why not? Or apparently about Iraq, despite White House spokesperson Josh Earnest just saying on Morning Joe (MSNBC) that while there's no strategy for Syria, Barack does have a strategy for Iraq. If the hosts of Morning Joe had any brains they would have asked what sort of strategy... (more)

Friday night
This evening was a comfortable and restful time I sat in the living room with my earphones and listened to an unexpected event: a movie online while the telly showed the latest Rugby match (I don't watch the sports thing not when it's that particular sport; it's just too rough!) So I ended up watching a film called Loving Leah(2009) ''A quirky love story revolving around the unexpected wedding and unconventional married life of a 26-year-old widow and her late husband's brother, a handsome 30-year-old cardiologist. This was a television movie that aired on CBS as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on January 25, 2009. The film is directed by Jeff Bleckner and stars Adam Kaufman as an unobservant Jewish bachelor who feels compelled to marry his observant rabbi brother's widow, Leah (Lauren Ambrose) to honor him via the ancient Jewish custom of yibbum (levirate marriage). Loving Leah began as a play by Pnenah Goldstein and was brought to Hallmark by Ricki Lake, who also appears in... (more)

My "ALS cold water challange"
Very recently, I got some push back and had unintentionally offended a few as to why I've untagged myself and have deleted videos off of my newsfeed. My name is Nic and I've been nominated to partake in the "cold water challenge" to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS which is also commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease. I accept the challenge to raise awareness. Although I am not going to find some creative, crafty and funny way and dump a bucket of ice and water over my head, I will however, do what I can to make you all aware of ALS. Let me start, by sharing that this relatively rare disease; the incidence is roughly 2 people per 100,000 per year. ALS occurs throughout the world with no obvious racial, ethnic or socioeconomic boundaries. Although there isn't a cure for this disease, there is a FDA approved drug that extends survival of the diagnosed. There are medications to relieve muscle pain, therapy to maintain mobility and even... (more)

The ultimate feel lumsing power bank iphone Free Trial
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